CD "Cruel": Paradise for perverts

You’ll die - a painful death

I’m your God - of torture and perversion

Thousands of dead or living humans are taken for experiments

Fear of medics; medics who don’t help you at all

Objects for science and research, victims of perverts in white

Human material for studying

Murdered by collection of brains, infected with diseases

Unvoluntary experimental subjects

Cruel despise of all the defenceless

Testing of hunger: How long can you live without eating?

Victims of vaccinations end with “exitus” - In most cases

Invalids and cripples with special feeding-

No bread and no flesh

Paradise for perverts (4x)

Months of awfully pining away

Paradise for perverts (2x)

No hope to end the struggle,

Killing a jew with a syringe

Directly into the heart

All this in the name of medicine,

How perverse can it get?

Paradise for perverts (2x)

Hidden cellar, citadel of horror, poison gas tested on humans

Bursting of lungs, corroding of skins, starring eyes, asphixiation

Deforming the face, bleeding tears,

Endless suffering, colossal pain

All this in the name of medicine,

How perverse can it get?

Carving the stomach, cut off the head and preparing the teeth

Torture chamber kills with below atmospheric pressure,

Getting blind

Paralysed, spasms, madness, death the result

Dissected alive, death by cold

Cutting deep wounds to the bone

Or smashing them with a hammer

Incredible agony

Why did you let it happen?

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