MCD "Twisted ...": Abusing the innocents

Oh my God

I can't belive it, why is the human mind

able to create such perversities

It's so confusing to know what man's about to do.

Daily news are shocking reminding of this

horrible crime done to the innocents

Kept in the dark for noone to see, victims of barbaric intentions.


Can't ignore this ruthless thing. Abusing the innocents (2x)

Can't believe what's happening. Abusing the innocents(2x)

Beating, smashing, kicking, breaking, burning

and raping what's of their own blood

Incredible fact to be revealed.

What are you doing? This planet is drowning in its own mental vomit

"Torture of the highest degree"

Is there no emotion? Are there no feelings? No love or warmth?

Only brutality, gruesome horror the absolute humiliation

Sometimes given away to others to fulfill their sexual desires.

This is a sign of pure decadence

This is a sign of poor decadence


Broken forever, never to lead a normal life, never to be free, never to be happy again (2x)

Your worst nightmare has come true

Unimaginable mental and physical pain

Takes control of your body

Cracked by the sickness called life.

Rising of hate and fear devours yourself, destroys you from within, merciless desecration (2x)

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