MCD "Twisted ...": Traumatic experiences with horrifying consequence

Kids who kill (2x)

Life's a badlam, misunderstood children

Dangerous minds with intention to kill

Harmless appearance hiding cruel desires

Young psychopath in a perfect disguise


Raped from their own blood-twisted thoughts (2x)

Resulting from barbaric sexual intercourse

Impulse to kill starts with slaying birds

Beating my brother, picking the dog

Traumatic experiences with horrifying consequence

"I have to kill! You are all my enemies

Let me be and you may live

But don't be sure, shozophrenic habit

One mixture nice, the other bad

Bloodlust in your eyes"

Inner might forces you to take up the knife and to strike

Voices in your head reminding of memories

That'llforever remain inside your brain

"You like to come with Daddy?"I'll do you no

Harm, so please trust me" Ruled by perverse

Tendencies, not able to overcome this urge for infantile sex.


"Daddy, keep away from me, I love you

But not this way, please don't hurt me"

Traumatic experiences with horrifying consequence

Pain and mental agony never to be healed again

Perpetual damage leading to kill

Not enough to kill my father, I need to kill all fathers

Psychological conflict

Kids who kill(2x)

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