MCD "Twisted ...": Disturbance in my nocturnal domain

With the last blink of my eyes

Total darkness enshrouds me

Engulfed by an abnormal blackness

Floating into a realm created by myself

I'm flying in this astral state, darkness fades (away)

Feeling free to do whatever I wish to do

Mysterious domain unknown to any other man

This is my place, my nocturnal home, my refuge

Revealing secrets of a distorted mind

Chorus 1:

Obey your own thoughts

Yield to the dream-demons

Anti-reality, another dimension you need to live

To refreshen from daily shit and all these humiliations

Abstract reality, untouchable, so near and yet so far

Never to reach, materialization of subconscious dreads

Chorus 2:

Obey your own thoughts

Bow to the dream-demons

Hidden for a long time, childish fears

Coming out and eating away at me

Appearing of unreal shapes frightens me

Start to strike relentlessly, fierce attack

Chorus 3:

Obey you own thoughts

Surrender to the dream-demons

Wake up!

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