The Investigation: Chapter 3 of "Chikatilo"

[written by Marc]

- November 2000 -

Part I: The madmen-gang

Four years and fourteen murders later

Central militia sent out their best major.

Criticising the ineptitude of local police

Attributing slaughters to a sex-crazed killer.

A special task force was convoked

The Division of Especially Serious Crimes

Lead by an experienced forensic analyst.

The case known as Forest Strip Killings.

Believing the murderer was abnormal

Looking for crimes involving sex and violence

Searching through records of mental hospitals,

The task was long and arduous.

Samples of semen taken from the victims

Indicated the perpetrator has type AB blood.

Police picked up a man acting suspiciously,

Obviously retarded, he confessed the murders

Committed with his madmen-friends.

As the killings continued, the boys were released.

Part II: The man with the glasses

One year and fifteen new homicides later

Investigation failed to uncover any evidence.

Psychologists, pathologists were asked for advise.

To provide a profile of the slashing maniac.

Suffering from chronic sexual inadequacy,

Brutalising his victims for compensation.

Patrolling bus, tram and train stations,

A middle-aged man wearing thick glasses,

Paying particular attention to young girls.

Observed and approached by an inspector,

Finding the papers were in order,

Uneasy feeling this man's hiding something.

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