Thirst for Revenge: Chapter V of Chikatilo

[written by Marc - May 2001]

Part I: Back from imprisonment

Time in jail was a cleansing time.

Now free to pursue what he desires.

Restless struggle against criminal impetus.

Compulsive seek for innocent victims

New job in a locomotive factory.

Near future looking encouraging.

One year after his last murder.

An eighteen-year-old mentally retarded.

Shortly after, she lay dead, mutilated.

Thirty-eight stab wounds in the body.


Nipples, genitals, tongues,

Sweet young flesh bitten off.

Lure, stab, disfigure, violate.

Insatiable thirst for revenge.

Part II: Around the country

On business trips around the country.

October 16, his fiftieth Birthday.

Following another boy in the woods.

Brutal attack, knife blade broken off.

While travelling and killing.

Police investigations gaining momentum.

Anyone convicted of sexual crimes.

Was checked in great detail.


Part III: The End

Decapitate, saw off her legs,

Cut out her juvenile uterus,

Slice off part of the face,

Extreme cannibalistic ferocity.

One more victim beaten and stabbed.

The net incessantly closing in.

Naked body covered with leaves.

Finally, handcuffed, under arrest.

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