The Devil of Rostov: Chapter 1 of "Chikatilo"

[written by Marc in December 1999]

Part I: The portrait

Black winter overcoat on his back

Dark sinister pores in the neck

Oblong face, longish nose

Sagacious glance so close


On the head a lambskin cap

In the right hand a shopping bag

A plain field, luminous sunflowers

Everywhere muddy grey towers

Black hills of coal-cinder

Weak young nerves to splinter

Feel his sensual, soft lips

See this romantic idealist

Meet the freak on his trips

Flee the instinctive artist

Three academic grades

Skin under the blades

Voluntary police-assistant

Insatiable kids-assailant


Part II: The girl with the red coat

Unable to get an erection

Hates to touch female genitals

Acting under unholy protection

Inheritor of the true cannibals

Push the girl on the ground

Now begins the bloody count

Unbutton the red coat

On the river of death the boat

Stillness and submissive obedience

Pull down the white pants

Grant him your absolute obeisance

Sink in a death-wishing trance


Childish eyes implore for grace

Now extinguished, dead cold face

Injure her sex, burning desire

Deep inside, a destroying fire

Stabbing knife in the neck

Throw the body in the streams

Turn away, don't look back

Quiet, docile, no more screams

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