False Confession: Chapter 2 of "Chikatilo"

(written by Marc Leclerc)

[October 2000]

Part I: The discovery of the first victim

Discovered under the bridge at Christmas Eve.

She laid there, lifeless, stab wounded.

Observed two days before with an old man.

Who felt no remorse, no time to grieve.

Part II: The suspects

The headmaster recognised the Devil's portrait.

The suspect was subpoenaed to give evidence,

While cops were combing the scene of crime.

After several interviews, he was released.

The same evening another man was arrested.

Previously sentenced for rape and murder.

Under pressure, he confessed the atrocities.

And the real monster was free; fateful thunder.

Two years later, he found employment as supply clerk.

New job gave him the splendid opportunity to travel

No more under the influence of his wife.

Roamers, sluts, beggars, boozers; rootless life.


Part III: The second killing

One beautiful September day at a bus stop.

People eating, drinking, laughing and fucking.

He approached this seventeen years old girl.

Took her to a deserted stretch of woodland.

Tearing her clothes off, panic, mockery.

Screaming, filled her mouth with dirt.

Beating, strangled her to death.

Madness turned into unbounded frenzy.

Biting off and swallowing one of her nipples.

Finally he ejaculated over the young corpse.

Insatiable appetite awaken.

Incurable taste for blood.

Part IV: Two years of slaughtering

In a period of two years, fourteen victims.

Boys and girls stabbed, butchered.

Once with the Devil, children were doomed.

Above suspicion, alone, marooned.

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