A Monster Revealed: Chapter VI of Chikatilo

[written by Marc - July 2001]

Part I: The Arrest

On the day the monster was arrested,

He had with him a rope, a knife, Vaseline.

A search of his apartment found

Twenty-three knives, a hammer, shoes

That were found to match the footprints

Next to an unidentified rotting victim.

Police had trouble believing that the gentle man

Was responsible for the brutal series of crime.

Part II: The Interrogation

After his arrest, photographed and interviewed

Before being placed in an isolation cell.

The next day interrogation started in earnest.

But any hopes of an early confession were dashed.

One week after the questioning began,

he wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General.

While falling short of a true confession,

his statements gave an insight into his mind.

Unable to break through the mental barrier,

A psychiatrist assisted with the examination.

Ten days later, he broke into confession.

Describing into chilling detail how he had

Tracked, raped and brutally killed his victims.

Sometimes removing and eating body parts.

Transported across the country, visiting the scenes,

Where he had committed the revolting murders.

Part III: The Trial.

The trial began half a year later.

Locked inside a specially designed cage.

Six months passing by, the court reconvened.

Found guilty of fifty-two counts of murder.

On February fourteen, nineteen nine four,

Andrei Chikatilo, the Butcher of Rostov,

Was executed by a single shot

To the back of his exposed neck.

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