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Bad News from the KADATH camp, it seems that these brutal German Death Metal mutants won't stay together as a band in the future. That's sad, because they are one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the Death Metal underground and of course KADATH is a real brutal and cool band with an excellent debut album (see review in Unholy Terror #1) called "Cruel". By the way, their live performances are nothing but pure energy and brutality. OK folks, let's find out something about KADATH and even what Holger wears under his black trousers. Enjoy!

Greetings Holger, how are you doing today? First of all please introduce yourself to our unholy readers?

Hello Hacker! I feel like shit today, cos of some private problems I have at the moment, but I won't bore you to death with details. I'm Holger, the ugliest vocalist of all times! (Fuck yeah, that's true! Hahaha - Hacker) I sing (if you can say it this way) for KADATH and I am responsible for all mail, gigs, interviews etc. Sometimes I even call myself manager, haha.

You've released your debut album through the Dutch label Teutonic Existence Records. How did you get in touch with this label. What kind of contract do you have? Are they doing a good promotion job for you? Were there any offers from other labels?

There were several small labels interested in us, but none of them was financially strong enough to pay for everything. Goremania from Spain wanted to do the CD, but they couldn't pay for the recordings and Pedro wrote very seldom. Some Italian fuckers had ridiculous conditions so we told them to piss off! It was Ematofagia who wanted to tell us how the cover and booklet had to look like, so we just laughed. Cudgel Agency from Germany were also interested, but Teutonic Existence was first and did the best offer. I had been in contact with one of the guys of this label for some years. They helped with the distribution of our second demo, the EPs and our MCD. Then they offered us to release our full-length CD. They couldn't pay for the recordings, but offered to give us 500 copies of the first edition of 1000. We thought that this is fair and agreed. But there's no contract, we did it based on trust. Meanwhile only Cees remained from the label, the other guy quit. Our relation was/is very good, we often phone and meet on gigs. The promotion is good, considering it's a small label. We got some concerts through the label and over 1300 copies of "Cruel" are sold/traded. We can't complain.

You call your music Grind Metal, what exactly is Grind Metal? If there were some readers who are not familiar with your music, how would you describe it to them?

We basically play brutal Death Metal! It's very extreme and ultrafast, so that people often say we are a Grindcore act (especially live). But we're NO Grindcore band, we're a Metal band! We have nothing in common with "core", only metal! But as it's very fast and grinding musick, we called it Grind Metal. Normally it's called Death/Grind, that means Death Metal with hints of Grind. We don't play simple "core-riffs", so we're no core-band! Simply as that.

Someone stole your equipment while you were touring through Slovakia. What exactly happened? What would you do with the bloody thief if you got him in your fingers?

I would hammer his dick on his head and put it into his ass! Then I would let a rhino fuck him!! We had two concerts in Slovakia and drove all the way by car. It was a long journey and really stressing. We just wanted to go to sleep and left our equipment in the car; of course this was our grave mistake. But imagine: 1200 km to the first tow, a gig with lots of alcohol, then wandering through the snow to a hut in the forest and drinking more there. Sleeping for three or four hours and driving 200 to the next city. After the second show (again with much beer) we just wanted to sleep at 5 o' clock! When we came back to our car next morning, we saw that someone had broken into the car and had stolen most of the equipment (worth of 6500 DM / 3800$). It began to rain, we had to wait an hour for the police and another hour for the interpreter. It was really one of the most fucked up situations we've ever had to face. But all in all the journey to Slovakia was a cool adventure (only shit that the whore are so expensive there, haha)

Tell us something about this trip. I think that there were some cool moments, weren't there?

We started the trip in the night from Thursday to Friday. The first memorable moment was at the border to Slovakia. You know, our bassist is a Belgian, so he needed a travelling passport. Unfortunately he had none, so the custom officers didn't want to let us pass through. We discussed with them for half an hour and then we made a special agreement. We drove back and tried a second time to cross the border, this time with a 50 DM note between our passports!!! So we could enter their country!! On our first gig we had about 100 people watching, half of them were soldiers in uniforms!! They heard that a German Metal band will play, so they came to see us!! For the night we drove about 30 km into the mountains in the direction of Poland. Then we walked through the snow to the aforementioned hut, about 15 minutes and drunken! That was a strange situation. Second gig was great with a cool atmosphere and over 200 people watching. After those fuckers stole our stuff, we went to the police station. At 12 o' clock we could leave with a broken side window. Half an hour later our drummer recognised that he had forgotten his passport, so we had to drive back. But we didn't know where the police station was and which one. So we drove back to the guy who invited us (hello to Martin from Sanatorium), but he also didn't know which police station it was. He called a band member and then we found it. At the border they didn't want us to leave Slovakia, cos of our Belgian! They wanted us to go through Czech Republic, but it would have been several hundred km more for us. Thank God they let us pass after a while. When we came to Germany, we went out of fuel. It took us an hour to get some fuel from the ADAC (a car helping service). I was back at home at 5 o' clock in the morning and had to work three hours later! But that didn't hinder me and our guitarist to drive to Cologne after work to see Krisiun live. Was this an adventure trip or what? I'll never forget this journey for sure.

Let's talk about your latest release, the "Cruel" album. I really did not expect such a varied release. How were the reactions?

The response from the underground was overwhelming, only positive reviews so far. Nearly everybody seems to like "Cruel". Maybe it's cos it's no average stuff, like you said it's very varied. Mainly it's brutal and fast but with a unique touch. So we often change the tempo or include few melodic or weird parts. I think that sets us apart from the other "standard bands". Although we only had five gigs since the release of the CD, we could get rid of the first 1000 in about five months. All in all I can definitely say that the reactions were/are great.

I think you have a lot of interviews to answer. Is this just a promotion job for you? Or do still enjoy it? Holger, do you remember some really weird interviews? What was the craziest question you had to answer?

You're wrong! I don't have to answer so much interviews, only a maximum of one or two a month, sometimes less! But I have to tell you that I didn't send out hundreds of free copies to zines and our label delivered only the bigger mags. For many of the zines we're not extreme enough, others think we're too extreme. A lot of zines never replied to my letter, mainly from countries with miserable postal services (Asia, South America or East Europe). One guy from Canada wanted some CDs in trade for an interview, so I told him to fuck off! This was certainly the strangest guy with the most weird questions. When a request from a zine pours in, I often do them a good offer. Let's say 10$ for the CD instead of 15$! The real supporters take advantage of this offer, others who only want to get free stuff don't reply and can fuck off! The craziest question I had to answer was from Christoph of Ars Metalli. He wanted to do a mag some years ago, but it was never released. He told me a story where I was a agent, a spy! And then he wanted to know what I would do in a special situation concerning the president and an assassination. I can't remember it fully, but it was a question with a lot of imagination.

Some time ago Marc, your bassist, had his own fanzine called "Brutal Fuck". How many issues did he and why did he stop this project? Do you remember some bands he featured? And what about his distro called "Kadatherion"?

Both, the distro and the mag had to be cancelled cos of lack of time, money and motivation. When you have a band, work a lot and then furthermore do a distro/mag, it's just too much. He did two issues of "Brutal Fuck" (with my assistance) and featured bands like Orth, Nyctophobic, Misery (Aus), Phobia, Fleshcrawl, Beheaded, Beyond Fear, C.U.M., Deranged, Desecration, Nasum, Defaced Creation and many more. Only brutal stuff! That was the same with distro: only extreme bands that he personally liked.

Holger, do you prefer playing live rather than working in a studio? What's the most important thing during a metal show? Please name some cool bands you've shared the stage with. Do you remember that gig with Dying Fetus, Deranged in Cologne organised by two very nice persons?

Oh, I really can't remember that gig, was it good? Haha, of course I'll never forget when we met one of the best bands in the world, namely Dying Fetus, and these two very nice and supportive persons ("hi" to Andi)! Yes, we definitely prefer playing live than recording in a studio! I'm in a band to play live in the first place! The most important thing is that you play no total crap and enjoy it. Then the audience will also enjoy it, banging, diving, slamming, screaming, etc. That's a great feeling when the crowd enjoys what you're doing. In Slovakia people were very enthusiastic, it was just fantastic! Bands we shared the stage with were among others Krisiun, Vader, Agathocles, Hemdale, Exhumed, Inhume, Mastic Scum, Incantation, Deeds Of Flesh, Desecration, Natron, Dead Infection, Fleshless and Vibrion.

What is the meaning of the word KADATH? Why did you choose this as the name for your band? As far as I know KADATH is a mystical mountain in a story by H.P. Lovecraft, do you like this author?

If you know what KADATH means, why do you ask? Many years ago we had to change our name and I found the word on the third Blood CD (O Agios Pethane). It sounded cool, but back then we didn't know the meaning of it. Later we found out it's from Lovecraft. I'm not into reading, but I tried out the novel "The dream-quest of unknown Kadath". After a few pages I stopped, reading is just too boring for me. But the name is original, shot and good sounding!

You recorded two split singles with IMMURED and EVOKE. Who had the idea and why did you choose these bands?

You know, in both cases it were not our ideas. Some years ago Wild Rags wanted to do a so called CD5 (single CD) with us and Immured, but it never worked out. I was in contact with Dave for a long time when he asked me if we would be interested in sharing an EP with them. Of course we were. Dave knew Frank of Stuhlgang Records who was interested to release the EP. So it just happened. For both EPs we took songs from our promo tape which was later released as the "Twisted Tales..." MCD. We were distributed by Switzerland's Paranoia Syndrome Recs. For a year or two when they asked us to be featured on another EP. We immediately agreed as well we are into vinyl. We didn't know which other band they would take for the EP, but it was obvious they would take a Death Metal band. SO their choice fell on Evoke and our second split EP was realised.

What's your opinion about the German underground scene? Do you think there is one scene or are there a West- and an East-German scene? Which German band you can recommend to our readers? What's your Death Metal country number one?

My fave Death Metal country is without any doubt U.S.A.!! Millions of great bands come from there, too many to mention them all! Next is Canada, Australia and in Europe Czech Republic and Poland. No, I don't think there's a West- and East-German scene. At least for me it's one scene, with good and bad acts in both parts!! But all in all I don't like our scene too much, too many trendy crap bands! A lot of bands play black metal, gothic death/doom, noisecore, modern thrash or other slut styles! Germans bands that you have to check out are Necrophagist (my faves), Mental Aberration (from our area), Harmony Dies, Cryptic, Anasarca and if you like it more grindy Sanitys Dawn. More cool acts are Immured, Orth, Blood, Fleshcrawl, Gods Of Emptiness, Castigate and others.

Talking about metal and alcohol. Do you think that this is only one of this typical metal clichés? Please tell us some funny stories that happened while you were totally drunk? What's your fave drink? By the way, I think it's time to have again some beers together.

Yeah, we definitely have to drink some beers together again! And there you have my fave stuff: beer! Especially Kölsch from Cologne, Dom or Früh. Great life-elixir! Of course that's one of those typical clichés: Metal and alcohol. But who cares? I like these clichés! Most Metal guys drink alcohol, not always beer. Our drummer and guitarist are no beer drinkers, although they drink it when it's for free, hahaha! It's hard to tell you a funny story while I was drunken, cos I just can't remember it! That's always the problem. When I drink, I get horny and talk nasty about girls! Then we kiss a lot, but no girls, mainly friends (oh, my god, what am I telling here? I think I have to puke!). We always touch our genitals and try to fuck each other! One day on a party I was so drunken that I opened my trousers to get a blow job (of course it was a joke (A joke??? Don't believe this little horny bastard, hahaha - Hacker)). Then two so called friends grabbed me put off the trousers and tried to put a beer bottle in my ass!! Thank God (or better Satan) they didn't succeed. The worst thing is that they took photos of it!! Otherwise we talk a lot of shit and laugh all night.

Let's play a little game. Please comment the following subjects: #Dynamo Open Air: absolutely shitty festival, mostly with crap bands, many years ago I came in for free and saw Sepultura and Sacred Reich in miserable sound. Now it's very expensive and totally uninteresting! #Religion: is only for weak minds! Who needs someone telling you what to do? Don't bow to an old guy from Poland who doesn't know what life is all about! Fuck religion! #TV: I couldn't live without it, I'm addicted to it! Especially in the week when I have to work full-time, I often watch TV in the evening, that's the best to relax(besides getting a blow job or something like that) #Women: I hate them, I'm gay!! Haha, do you really believe it? (Yes, of course - Hacker) My problem is: I like most of them and fucking is still the best thing in life!!! #Drum computers: love 'em, cos they've way easier to handle than real drummers! You know our drummer, so you know what I'm speaking of, haha. No seriously, I don't like them so much! I prefer real drumming, that sounds more real and not so artificial! Besides this I like Mortician, but e.g. the last Fleshless CD is not so cool anymore, cos of the (too loud) drum machine.

Have you ever had any problems with gay rip off bastards?

Oh yes, I certainly had! And I'll name them all, so that the readers know what these fuckers did! The worst is Max of CRYPTIC SOUL Prod. in Italy! He wanted 75 of our MCDs for the lowest price of all (lower than Nuclear Blast!!!). But I only sent him 25 and that was a good decision! He never replied and I never got my money! I wrote two or three letters, but no sign of life. IMMORTAL SOULS Prod. from Slovakia is also a rip off! He agreed to trade some MCDs, so I sent him five copies! Even after writing again two or three times, I never got a reply from him! He not even wrote back to clear up the situation! Then there is Ganz Anders Distro/Mekka Shop from Germany! I got a consignment contract from them and sent 20 MCDs. Again, after this no sign of life! I could sue them, but that makes no sense with a value of 200 DM! There are some others who got a MCD and never wrote back, but I don't care! I can only advice you not to deal with these fuckers! Die you losers!

On your first demo tape "Face Your Death" is a bonus track called "Horrible Reality". Why is this a bonus track? Are there two different versions of this tape?

No, there's only one version. The guy who recorded our debut demo with his four-tracker is also a guitarist. In fact he's one of my best friends and I had a band with him before KADATH (we never had a gig, but one demo and the recordings to the second demo). He recorded "Horrible Reality on his own (drum computer, he played guitar and bass and I sang) and asked if we wanted it to put it on our tape. As he was a friend we agreed. The best thing on this song is that he recorded it faster and I sang faster and than we put the speed down. With this effect the guitars sounded deeper and also the vocals. We all liked the song his song so that we played it live back then. It's a bonus track, cos it's not from KADATH (only the vocals).

Please describe the evolution of Kadath from the "Face Your Death" demo 1994 to the "Cruel" CD 1999 and give us a comment on each release. It seems that nowadays the Death Metal parts are more dominant than the Grind parts. What do you think?

I think that we always were a Death Metal band and will ever be! The debut demo was basically Death Metal, but cos of our old guitar player it was gravely influenced by Thrash Metal. It contains eight raw tracks and was okay for a debut. We could get our first connections with it. Our second tape was recorded in a studio (16 tracks) and more grind influenced. The Thrash parts vanished more and more. Four tracks + intro and outro were featured and a mega-professional booklet. About 900 copies were sold/traded/sent out + 600 copies done by Richard C. (Wild Rags) due to a licensing deal. Next recording was the promo tape '96 where the songs were later used for the two split EPs and the MCD "Twisted Tales...". This This one had no Thrash passages, only brutal Death with lots of Grind!! Three tracks + a cover version of Terrorizer's "Corporation Pull-In". All 1000 copies of the MCD are sold out meanwhile. On our newest opus "Cruel" the tracks are even faster, more brutal, more violent but also with a lot of variety! Some melodic riffs are included as well as some strange parts to make the songs interesting. It's still more Death Metal, but has much from Grind as it's very fast and extreme. Eight tracks of high quality, superb produced, raging Metal.

"Cruel" was recorded by Andi Classen and I'm totally impressed by this mighty sound. Especially the guitar sound is way more brutal than on your MCD. How did the co-operation with him work? Would you record with Andi Classen again? How did you get in touch with him?

In any case we would again record with Andi Classen as we are VERY satisfied with the production. The time in the studio with him was great. You have to know that he used to live in Aachen (my home town) when he was in Holy Moses back then. After the MCD we decided that our next CD should have a very pro sound. So we thought of Andi as he's been into the scene for long, knows what he's doing, it's cheap and his studio is not far away. I just called a service number to get his number, called him, sent him a tape with some of our tracks and we worked out a date for the recording. That's it The rest is history, hahaha!

What about your lyrics? Please describe the lyrical concept of KADATH. It seems that the lyrics are important to you.

We don't have a special concept in our lyrix. Before the full-length CD, I used to write the texts and they contained stuff that interested or bothered me. They were about real, daily problems like depressions, destruction of nature, rape etc. Now Marc is doing the lyrix as I'm drowning in mail! He's writing mostly about realistic topics like World War I and II, serial killers, environmental damages, but also about gore (it's more or less an exception) or fantasy (Dante's view on "hell").

If you had your own record company, which five bands would you offer a contract?

I think you mean five bands which don't have a contract yet. Am I right? (No, Holger you are not right! I mean five bands. And it doesn't matter if they have a contract or not. But hey, Holger you're a nice guy, so I will accept your answer anyway! - Hacker) So I would take Flesh Feast from Canada which released a great demo. They play brutal Death with some Grind parts and two deep vocalists. Then we have two Swedish bands: Immersed In Blood (ex-Inverted, see demo review - Hacker) and Soils Of Fate. Both play raging brutal Death with very guttural vocals. Next act would be Corporation Of Blessing from Indonesia. They are, for me, the Asian Cryptopsy!! Ultra fast grinding Death with a technical edge. And last but not least Inhume from Holland. Very fast Grind/Death with two vocalists. One is deep and the other is deeper (and very guttural). Pure grinding mayhem!!

Have you already started working on new material for your next release?

No, no chance to ! ! We've been in a crisis for a long time and more rehearsals were cancelled than done after our studio time. We tried to do a new song, but then some rehearsals were cancelled and we had a gig upcoming. So we only played the old songs and couldn't continue with the new one. This situation is going for at least half a year (interview was done in September '99 - Hacker)! We don't have a new song and I doubt that we'll ever do one!! More about it in the next question.

Holger, you told me that you had some trouble keeping the band alive. What happened? I hope everything is okay nowadays.

Nothing is okay right now!! I fear that KADATH is no more when you read this!! Sad but true. Our guitarist has several personal problems and just doesn't find the time to do something for the band. So many rehearsals have been cancelled that we're happy when we play the old material correctly ! No time for new songs. It's possible that our guitar player leaves us at the end of '99. If we don't find a new one, KADATH will be history!! The three other members want to continue. We know a guy who could maybe replace Mockel (our string torture), but he seems to be very reliable. And we asked a girl from Dutch band Catafalque, but it's too far away from her home and she's very busy. The future for KADATH is very uncertain!!

The ultimate Unholy Terror standard question, what's your definition of Death Metal? What does it mean to you to be a part of the Death Metal underground?

Death Metal is the definition of brutality, intensity, agressivity, extremity, heaviness, uncommercisation, etc! It's the most brutal form of musick and it's a very important part of may life! It's just a fantastic feeling to be in the underground Death Metal movement, to receive mail from all of the world (Europe, America, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, etc.). Through this style a lot of people feel united world-wide! I couldn't live without my daily dose of Death Metal! It rules!!!

Holger you are totally dedicated to the underground, who was the first person you were in touch with? You must have a big music collection, do you know how many items do you have? Please list some of your jewels?

Yeah, you're right, I'm totally dedicated to the underground! Nuclear Blast recs. Were one of the first I got in touch with (when they released cool stuff over ten years ago). The first demo I ordered was from Slaughter, but I never received it! In the middle eighties I bought every Black, Death, Thrash or Speed Metal LP I could get. Later I started with demos. I ordered the first Avulsed demo (Embalmed In Blood) from their drummer Tom back then. Taken all CDs, LPs, EPs and demos together, I've nearly 3000 items. I really don't know if I have some "jewels" in my collection. The old EPs are very rare. I own Slaughter's "Nocturnal Hell" EP (original), first Asphyx EP, Treblinka EP (pre Tiamat) and others. I own a lot of hard to get Brazilian LPs, e.g. Sepultura/Overdose split, Psychic Possessor, first Sarcofago and so on. Maybe the Slayer "Live Undead" picture disc is valuable!? I have so many old LPs which are very seldom. Just too many to mention them all.

There's a rumour going around that KADATH will play at next year Christopher Street Day parade in Cologne. Is this true? It would be so nice to see you guys dressed in pink lingerie.

This is no rumour, that's a fact! Of course we'll do the Christopher Street Day next year! My fave colour is pink and I always wear lingerie, and so do the others! But over it we dress in black to look cool. We're gay and when I see you next time, I'll widen your ass, cock sucker !!

Anything I forgot to ask you? Is there a question you've been waiting for years, but nobody has asked you? This is your chance, let me know and I will ask you . . .

Even if there would be a question, I wouldn't tell it to you! I already answered 25 absolutely stupid questions and wrote 12 sheets of paper!! This is the longest interview I ever did and so I hope Unholy Terror #2 will be a KADATH special issue, haha! I declare your zine the official KADATH fan mag!

Holger my friend, thank you very much for your time and support. Hope you've enjoyed my questions. To which album you're listening while answering this interview? Is there a final message for all the sick and brutal death grinders out there . . . ?

I hate you for wasting my valuable time !! Indeed I could have watched some episodes of "Lindenstraße", hahaha! While I'm writing this shit, I'm listening to the CD of Diabolic called "Supreme Evil". What a fucking great masterpiece! Everyone into extreme Death Metal with a unique touch, get our "Cruel" CD! It's 20 DM in Germany and 14$ (world air mail. Surface mail or without the plastic case it's 12$. Get this crusher bringing you 40 minutes of unrelenting brutishness! Many thanx and hail to you, Hacker and of course Andi! I'll esteem both of you freaks eternally for your great support and comradeship!

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