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1- The first band´s name was CATALEPSY but you renamed it to KADATH, it is a strange name, what is the meaning of it??

Marc: Well, when CATALEPSY was stopping work due to the loss of the drummer in 1993, there was no possibility to play for about 9 months. After that time, the remaining 4 band members found a new drummer. But due to the fact, that there were other bands in the Death Metal underground called CATALEPSY, they decided to look for another name. And so Holger, the shouter, proposed KADATH, that he found on the 3rd BLOOD LP "O Agios Pethane". This word comes from the novel "The DreamQuest of Unknown Kadath" written by H.P. Lovercraft.

In this book, KADATH is a big mountain where long times ago, the legendary Gods lived in a Temple on top of it.

2- KADATH have a long path in germanic underground, talk to us about the band history.

Marc: indead, when you consider the beginning as CATALEPSY, the band exists for about 10 years now. As KADATH it will be 9 years in October 2002. In all this time, we had to change 2 times the drummer, 2 times the guitar players and 1 time the bass player. There were a lot of good times as the 2 participation on the Fuck The Commerce festival or gigs with EXHUMED, HEMDALE, BLOCKHEADS, DEAD INFECTION and many more. But also a lot of bad luck and problems. We released 2 demo tapes, 2 7" singles, 1 MCD and 2 CD's. If you want a really detailed band history, take a look in our homepage WWW.KADATHDEATH.DE

3- We didn´t know the first album "CRUEL", but we are thinking that it is very good too, because "CHASING THE DEVIL" is a real masterpiece of brutal death! What are the evolution between these albums?

Marc: Hell, thanks a lot for the compliment. The CRUEL album recorded 3 ½ years ago in the studio of Andy Classen (ex-HOLY MOSES) was really a very big step forward for us. He gave us for the first time a great and professional sound. Now with CHASING THE DEVIL, we went in a studio near to my home. It's called GERNHARD Studio. We were a bit sceptical in the beginning, because we didn't know if they really could give us the sound we had in mind. But the result is really above all our expectations!! The difference between the 2 CD's is the rower sound that fits very good to the new songs. Musically I thing that the new sound is rower, not that melodic as on CRUEL. Maybe a bit more American, and containing more groovy stuff combined with total brutal and fast parts.

4- The brutality and velocity of your music is incredible.Where come from this extreme love to this kind of musical agression?

Marc: well, I don't know if the velocity is really that incredible, when you're thinking of bands like CRYPTOPSY, but we're happy with the style we are playing at the moment. Not only total speed, but a good variation between high speed attacks and groovy parts. We don't want that the listeners are bored of the CD after 3 songs.

Personally speaking, my love for Metal music is starting back in 1982. At that time, when I discovered this genre, I listened to bands as KISS, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST. And very quickly I added bands as METALLICA, SLAYER, CARNIVORE, DARK ANGEL, KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, METAL CHURCH, ... to my faves. The logical step in the end of the 80's were CANNIBAL CORPSE, CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, OBITUARY, ENTOMBED, GOREFEST, ... . As you can see, I was always looking for the extreme of the extreme. Where does this love for the extreme comes from? Maybe because I always was against mainstream, trends and that shit! I hate to be "normal", "standard" as all the people you see every day.

5- What are you thinking about sweet kinds of metal like melodic metal (Helloween, Raphsody, Angra), prog metal (Fates Warning, Stratovarious) and new wave of dark metal (with female vocals)?

Marc: Ha, now you want my sincere opinion?! The most of these bands are not my cup of tea. Especially New Metal (what's that shit?). But besides Death Metal and Grindcore, I also like Doom Metal, as THERGOTHON (Gods of brutal Doom), MY DYING BRIDE, UNHOLY, PARAMAECIUM or GRIEF. I also like good Crustcore bands as DOOM, HIATUS or WOLFSBRIGADE. And Black Metal as IMMORTAL and MARDUK. Or bands like THE GATHERING and MANOWAR. I don't condemn any kind of music, as soon as these bands are making good music. I think it has to do with my own evolution, because years ago I would have burned everything that's not Death or Grind.

6- In your opinion what are the best 10 albums of the death metal music history and what are the 10 best death bands now?

Best 10 albums in history Best 10 actual bands


ENTOMBED: Left hand Path DISGORGE (Mexico)

CARCASS: Symphonies of Sickness DYING FETUS

KATAKLYSM: Temple of Knowledge BEHEADED



DISGORGE: Chronic corpora infest INGROWING


INCANTATION: The infernal storm VOMITORY

NILE: Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka NILE

7- CHASING THE DEVIL are a conceptual album, you wrote about the cruelty and sadistic history of Andrej Chikatilo, one of the worst serial killers of the humanity that killed more than 50 children in Russia. Why do you wrote about him?

Marc: Yeah, Chikatilo was a real crazy man. As I'm writing all the lyrics since the CRUEL album, I decided to create a concept about a serial killer when we start to compose the new songs for CHASING. And because I'm totally interested in this stuff since a lot of years I wanted to do something with this theme. But not 1 song for 1 killer. My idea was to create a whole story about 1 killer on the complete album, like MACABRE did it with Jeffrey Dahmer. The choice fell on Chikatilo, because I didn't want to take an American killer. Maybe I should have chosen a German killer like Peter Kürten or Fritz Haaman. The consideral number of victims of Chikatilo was probably the biggest reason why my decision was that like.

8- Do you love the acts of Chikatilo??Where come from the interest to talk about this creeping man? Is he a cult killer for you?

Marc: haha, no be serious, how can you love somebody who kills and brutalizes 53 young people. But fact is that I'm really attracted by the macabre. Reading about these deviated people is absolutely fascinating. To try to understand the motives for these acts and what is happening in the mind of these killers, is weird. And that's what I like, but not the acts by themselves. Taking all the well known serial killers together, one can say that Chikatilo is for sure one of the biggest cult serial murders in history of mankind.

9- Did you watch the movie about Chikatilo? If yes, what do you think about it?

Marc: definitely, I watched CITIZEN X a few times, and it's a brilliant movie. It's an intelligent movie reflecting the life of Chikatilo, but also the chase for him and the difficulties that the detectives had relating to the system in the USSR before the collapse of the communistic system.

10- The CD has a good surprise to the fans, two powerful videos with KADATH impressive live performances. Do you prefer play gigs or record albums? Talk about your gigs.

Marc: personally i prefer playing live than recording in the studio. Recordings are a hard job, because everything has to be perfect. To play on stage, it's more like having fun, because you can play and do a good stage acting. When we are playing, we always want to offer good brutal music and a good, moving acting.

11 - Thank you for the interview.Give a final message to KADATH fans around the world!

Marc: hello fans of brutal Death Metal, after 3 ½ years we have managed to release a new CD that you will like. A lot of people considered KADATH as dead, but we definitely are not. I want to thank all the people who believed in us, especially in the last 2 difficult years. Thousand thanks to Jens of CUDGEL AGENCY for signing us and bringing out "Chasing the Devil" and to you Edgar for this interview.

You can find us in the internet on WWW.KADATHDEATH.DE

Keep grinding

Marc & Kadath

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