Interview with Tomash (Masterful Mag)

1. Hello Marc!!! How are you? What are the reactions for current political situation on the world in Germany? It seems your country isn't on the american site and you are against the Bush's war slogans! What is your opinion Marc about American's invasion to Iraq? How long this war will be last in your own words? What do you think about?

Marc: Hi Tomash! I'm pretty fine, even I've a lot to do at the moment, working like a berserker. Well speaking about the actual Irak war: before the war began, I was strictly against the US invasion of Irak. They didn't care about the UN resolutions and the meaning of the other countries like Germany, France and others. And I fully agreed with European position that there must be a peaceful solution of disarming Irak and Saddam Hussein. But now 4 weeks later, I think the American invasion was the right solution, even the way of decision was not correct. When you hear that Saddam's regime tortured and killed thousands of people in Irak, you can not close your eyes and say Saddam was a good president for his country; no he was a brutal one and it was time for him to go and leave.

2. War has always a lot of benefits for the stronger side. It seems that America once again want to show that they dominate all over the world, and it's really sick!!! I think that this war can cause a lot of victims, civils for example. Moreover, this war can lead to global conflict and world demise (by the way, great album of Obituary :). Do you belive thah Iraq has these chemicals?

Marc: Yes, of course, USA has once again showed their total superiority in the World and their given role as Police of the world. I can not agree with that position of the Americans. But I also think that Europeans and other strong countries have to show their own strength, and not always crying about big bad USA. And a last word to the war: surely war causes civilian victims; it was always like that; look at Vietnam, World War II, there were millions of victims; what are a few hundreds or thousands compared to millions? It sounds cynic, but war without victims and deads, is impossible. Concerning the chemicals: my opinion was that, even if they had these dangerous chemicals, they would not bee able to use them, because their military potentials were almost zero. The last weeks have shown that this opinion of mine was right; It's like David trying to kill Goliath. But this time David has no chance!

3. OK, I hope this war will finish soon and that we will not a part this shit! Let's start talking about Kadath. You have always had some problems with line-up, especially with the drummers. Martin is no more drummer in Kadath from some time. He played in Kadath very shortly, because since Sept last year. Why did you decide to kicked out Martin from the camp?

Marc: Well yes, Martin was only for 4 months in the band. The cooperation with him didn't work like we had expected and we decided shortly before Chrismas to separate from him. He had had too much difficulties to play our songs and we didn't believe that he would be able to do that in the near future. It was hard for him to accept our decision, but I hope that now he has done it. I know that he is playing in a new band now and I wish him the best in this band.

4. Finally you have found his replacement recently. Could you describe a new member who is Mike Heinemann?

Marc: yes, Mike has called me at the end of last year, if we still were looking for a new drummer. I said yes, we do, and in February we began to rehearse with him. He is a great drummer, very fast, technical; exactly what we were looking for. He is also playing in a band called INFECDEAD. The work with him is going very well.

5. Marc, tell me something about Gezus from Mental Abberation. Is he still a second guitar player of Kadath? By the way, could you tell me something about this band? I haven't heard any news from this camp from the long time! Is it true that they splitted up?

Marc: Gesuz joined KADATH three years ago, if I remember well. I'm getting old and my memory is like cheese with big holes, haha! He is not our second guitar player, but the first one! Last summer Mockel rejoined KADATH after his 2 years departure, due to big personal problems. So we actually are playing with 2 guitars. MENTAL ABERRATION splitted definitely and Gesuz doesn't want to relive this band anymore. M. A. is history!

6. "Chasing The Devil" was released almost a one year ago on German label Cudgel Agency. It's your last album so far and it seems the response for "Chasing The Devil" was very satisfied! Can you sum this album up now? What is the main reason between "Chasing the Devil" and the previous one named "Cruel? There is a three years of silence between both cds!

Marc: "Chasing the Devil" is the actual output of us and there will not be a successor this year. Hopefully next year, if everything runs well. The response to our 2nd album is really good and we are very satisfied with the result. The sound is very brutal and catchy. The music is rawer than on "Cruel" and a bit more American styled and with some groovy elements. If you need a comparison, I would say DERANGED is a good one. That there are 3 years between the 2 albums is due to our everlasting problems; meanwhile I know we never will be able to release two albums in 12 months, and I guess, it's OK as it is.

7. Marc, how did you get together with Cudgel Agency? Are you satisfied with cooperation with them so far? How many albums you have to record for this label?

Marc: we know CUDGEL since a lot of years by now. Jens, the boss, is a good friend and he invited us for a gig in his neighborhood 6 or 7 years ago. Then on the 1st FUCK THE COMMERCE in 1997 and finally on the 5th one last year, simultaneously with the release of "Chasing the Devil". The cooperation with him is excellent, he does alot of promotional work for his bands. The deal was for one album with an option on a second one.

8. "Chasing The Devil" is available almost from the one year. How did the maniacs and press also accept it? Well, it seems that your latest cd was highly appreciated on brutal death metal scene…I haven't read any wrong review of "Chasing The Devil" so far…and also I heard that on live you have very good response!

Marc: The responses are very good, as well from the fans as from the press. We got a large interview in ABLAZE MAG, and for the first time ever, an interview in ROCK HARD. So now we are rock stars!! No, it's only a joke. We are underground and always will stay underground.

9. Marc, you are the author of lyrical concept on "Chasing The Devil" album. And you wrote totally interesting and amazing story about russian serial killer Chikatilo. What was the reason that you decided to write about him? Can you tell us Marc something more about this person? I think that may of the readers who haven't heard "Chasing The Devil" yet would like to know more informations about Chikatilo.

Marc: thanks for the compliment, Tomash. Well, the reason to write about Chikatilo, is that I'm interested in serial killers for some 10 years now. And in the last years, the idea was born to do a lyrical concept on one of these psychos. I didn't want to choose an American killer, because everybody knows Dahmer & Co. So I decided to write about a guy who is a bit more unknown; and Chikatilo was the perfect one! He came from Ukrainia, killed more than 50 teenagers, was accused of cannibalism. No American serial killer can compete with Chikatilo. For all who like to know more about him, see the movie "Citizen X". There are some errors in this movie, but by and large it's the authentical story of Chikatilo.

10. There are very pessimistc atmosphere in your lyrics, but as I said, it's very interesting. Do you think that people are still able to making these brutal tortures like Chikatilo on the other people? I don't understand serial killers….where is the cause that killing and torturing made them a pleasure? How can you explain it?

Marc: sure, the atmosphere must somehow be pessimistic, due to the fact that I'm not writing about flowers and the beautiful side of life. I guess nobody who is not a serial killer or serial rapist, can understand what's going on in the mind of such a person. Power, control over other persons, sexual deviance mixed with torture can be some explanations for their acts. And, of course, there are people nowadays who can do the same horrible things to others. They know that their acts are inhuman, but they cannot control themselves and the need to harm people is greater. It's like a Devil who says "Do it" and they do it.

11. What is the main difference in the lyrics between "Chasing the Devil" and your other releases? How was the major lyrical idea on the previous Kadath's stuff?

Marc: on the previous releases there were lyrics about other topics: war, mental conflicts, but also about murdering. In the past, Holger also wrote some lyrics. And on the last input the concept was my idea. The general mood, I would say, is the same for all our releases. Dark, pessimistic, murderous.

12. Marc, I'd like to talk about yor band's past for a moment. Why have you changed band's name from Catalepsy to Kadath in the past? Was it connected with hm…changed the music?! By the way, what does Kadath means in your own words, or what should means in your opinion?

Marc: The change of name has 2 origins I guess: first there were other bands that run under the moniker CATALEPSY. The second reason was that after 9 months of pause, a new name fitted better for a restart. KADATH is a word that comes from a novel by H. P. Lovercraft; my personal meaning of the word is: dark mystical brutality.

13. Your vocalist Holgar was the bassist in the band called EDK. I don't know this band. When we are takling about bassist I have also to ask you about Tanya, who played on bass before you joined the Kadath. It's really rare that the girl plays in brutal death camp, but we know some band with the women in the line-up! What was the reason of her departure?..maybe was she a girlfirnd of one of the band's members?!

Marc: First let us talk a bit about EDK. This project was run by 2 friends and Holger. He used to play bass-guitar then. But they never released something offical. They did 2 demotapes with a small edition. It was brutal Death Metal. But over the years, the guitarplayer lost his interest in the Death Metal music, and he stopped the project. Holger was already playing in CATALEPSY, so this band, and later KADATH, became his only and one main band.

After the restart in October 1993, Tanya who already was playing in CATALEPSY, didn't appear to the rehearsals, so the guys asked me to join the band, and that is what I did, after my last project died. No Tanya never was the girlfriend of one of the other members.

14. I have also to ask you about Foetus - the band which you were a guitarist before joining Kadath. Could you describe this band? Was it only an underground band or maybe something more?

Marc: FOETUS, the project/band, before I joined KADATH, was only an underground Death/Grind band. But it didn't last for long. So nothing to worry about. Only interesting fact to add about it: one song we did with FOETUS was added in the KADATH repertoire. It was also recorded on the first demo.

15. I heard that you are a big fan of doom metal. In Kadath you play brutal and intense death metal music. Whay this genre exactly? Didn't you want to play doom music?

Marc: hell yes, I'm totally addicted to Doom Metal. But more the Death/Doom-genre. I mean bands like MY DYING BRIDE, THERGOTHON (the Gods of Doom), PARAMEACIUM, WINTER, GRIEF, EVOKEN, ESOTERIC, SKEPTICISM and DISEMBOWLMENT. They are soo pessimistic, brutal in their way. Yes, I love this music. I really would like to start a Doom Metal band, but I can not imagine to find the right people to do that. Musically it's very simplistic and most musicians don't want to do that. But atmospherically, it's an art of its own. Maybe I will try to find people who would like to start a project with me. The drummer part should be easy in this case, because I've a friend who likes this music very well.

If Death Metal is undrground, than Doom Metal is total underground!! A dying genre.

16. Kadath played many gigs. But I would like to ask you about gig in Sloviakia few years ago where some guys stole your guitars, and the rest of equipment…could you tell us what really happened there?

Marc: I've told the story many times. After the 2nd gig, we were drunken, and were driven to the hotel, where our car was parked behind. Stupid and drunken as we were, we let the equipment in the car. The morning after, when we decided to drive back home, we found the car broken, a window was broken, and all the guitars were stolen. At the police station, they told us that we have no chance to get them back. That was it.

17. What can we expect for Kadath in the nearest months? Are you working on a new album? I suppose that it's high time for the follow-up to great "Chasing the Devil"!!! Can you recommend new Kadath's music yet? Is it possible to describe new Kadath album, Marc?!

Marc: As I told somewhere before, there will be no new album this year. Maybe we will do a single with 2 or 3 new songs this year for the 10 year anniversary of KADATH. There are 2 new songs in preparation and ideas for more. But as long as the new drummer Mike is not fully integrated, we will not start to work on a new album. I've a concept in mind, but it's to early to speak about it. Musically it will be in the same brutal vein as before, maybe a bit more technical.

18. "Chasing The Devil" was recorded in Gernhard Studio. Originally you had to enter the famous studio of Andy Classen and record together with him - like for example the first cd "Cruel". Where will you record a third full length Kadath album?

Marc: Our plan is to do the next recording again in the Gernhard Studios. We were very happy with the cooperation with the 2 guys who run the studio and we want to perfectionate the sound we created in this studio.

19. Ok Marc, that's all! Thanks for interview friend & I'm awaiting for the next Kadath album! Take care & all the best! Would you like to tell something to polish fans for the end of this intie?

Marc: hello fans of brutal music in Poland. Keep in touch with me if you like to order merchandise of KADATH or only know more about us. Thanks to everybody who helped and supported us in the past. Have a look on our homepage

And to you, Tomash, big thanks for this interview. Keep in touch.

Grinding greetings, Marc.

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