Find some interesting books about serial killers and serial killing that I (Marc) have read. This list is not meant to contain all the books that were published about this topic, but only a little part of them. Cause I'm living in Germany and most titles are written in the USA, it's quite difficult to find some books in Europe.

If the book was in German or French, I'll give the original title and the translated title.

BUNDY, Theodor Robert

known as Ted Bundy

Bundy - The deliberate Stranger

by Richard W. Larsen

1986, Pocket Books

ISBN: 0-671-72866-0


known as the Hillside Strangler

The Hillside Strangler - a murderer's mind

by Ted Schwarz

1982, Signet - Penguin Group

ISBN: 0-451-16674-4

CHIKATILO, Andrej Tschikatilo. Die Jagd nach dem Teufel von Rostow

(original title: Hunting the Devil)

by Richard Lourie

1993, Goldmann Verlag (HarperCollins)

ISBN: 3-442-42201-9

DAHMER, Jeffrey Jeffrey Dahmer - Der Schlächter, der junge Männer...

(original: The Milwaukee Murders)

by Don Davis

1992, Heyne

ISBN: 3-453-05700-7

DAHMER, Jeffrey Todeskult - Der Fall Jeffrey Dahmer

(original: The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer)

by Brian Masters

1995 (1993), Rororo (Hodder & Stoughton)

ISBN: 3-499-19698-0