Update 2004
18.01.2004 Earlier than expected, we're grinding again. Yeah, we are back, resurrected in agony!! Erling, our Dr. Grind, and Mockel, the Grind Devil, have rejoined KADATH. Await total fucking grinding insanity.

And the promised new Homepage KADATH.AC will arrive soon. This time for sure.

And be prepared for brand new photos of our last week-end (January 17, 2004) rehearsal-room session. Very funny crazy pictures!!!

26.12.2003 Unfortunately we're not active  at the moment due to the lack of guitarplayer and drummer. It's very uncertain if we will yet continue in 2004. For everybody in the area of Aachen interested to join us, contact Holger or myself.

Für alle Öcher Jongens: falls Ihr Interesse habt bei uns einzusteigen, kontaktiert Holger oder mich.

31.08.2003 New domain WWW.KADATH.AC will be delayed to September.
10.08.2003 Unfortunately we have parted way with Mockel, because of personal and musical differences. So now we will stay as a four-piece band. We're NOT looking for a second guitar player, because we want to concentrate our efforts on new material for the planned mini-CD that we want to record end of this year. One song is already finished and is entitled "Harbinger of final Defeat". The provisory working title of the upcoming MCD is "Decline in four Acts of War".
08.07.2003 New domain WWW:KADATH.AC already open and working. New layout coming this Summer on this new site. For now entering WWW.KADATH.AC will forward on the wellknown KADATHDEATH.DE site. For everyone wiho is linking us, you can use the new KADATH.AC address.
02.06.2003 Coming soon is the brandnew layout of our homepage. You'll find more informations, more extra material for downloading, ...
02.06.2003 We are starting writing new songs now. For the 10th anniversary of KADATH, we plan to record a mini CD at the end of the year. Await a new bloody piece of brutality!
02.02.2003 Bandmember Very good news: finally we have found the right guy to destroy our grinding death sound on the drums. His name is Mike Heinemann and he comes from Duisburg.
01.12.2002 Bandmember Bad news: Martin is no more our drummer. We immediately are looking for a replacement.
10.11.2002 Interview Coming soon: brand new interview for ROCK HARD Magazine
16.09.2002 Bandmember At the moment we are still testing the new drummer, Martin, and it seems that he will be the right one for us. For that Kadath do a break for some months till we are ready to strike back on stage. So watch out !!!
15.09.2002 Bandmember After his last show at the Morbide Festspiele in Bischofswerda (Germany), September the 7th, Erling, the drummer, has left the band.

We wish him a lot of success and fun for the future. Grind till death!!

25.08.2002 Bandmember Finally we have found a new drummer. His name is Martin and he is 23 years of age.
12.08.2002 New CD Find new interviews and reviews about our new CD "Chasing the Devil".

In a few days, you can find more tracks from "Chasing" in our Download section.

In the lyrics section, you will find the original lyrics of "Chasing the Devil"

06.04.2002 Band- member We have a second guitar-player now. He is our former man, Mockel, who came back after a 1 1/2 years break. We are very happy having him back in the band.
10.02.2002 T-shirts Our new shirts are available now. For prices see our merchandise section.


09.12.2001 New stuff We are already working on new material. One song is almost finished.
09.12.2001 New CD Last week, Gesuz and me (Marc) went to Wittenberg to meet Jens of CUDGEL AGENCY. He will release our new CD "Chasing the Devil" on his label. Release date will probably be May 2002. He will also do new shirts to promote the CD.
09.12.2002 New shirts We will bring out a brand new T-shirt in January 2002. For more details see our merchandise column.
04.10.2001 New release Our CD "Chasing the Devil" is recorded and mixed by now and we're searching for a label willing to work with us. Promos has yet been sended. Wait for the new stuff that hopefully will be released in the coming months.
13.08.01 Gigs After a long pause due to the preparation of the recordings, we are planning new gigs after the summer.
13.08.01   New release Just right now, we are recording our new CD in the GERNHART Records studio in Siegburg - Germany. There is no release date confirmed, because we still are looking for a record label offering us a good deal.

For the coverdesign, we are working with an artist from Berlin, Torsten Gebhardt.

The new CD will be entitled "Chasing the Devil".

13.07.01 News The 6 songs for our new CD are completed by now and in 1 month we will enter the studio.

Gezus, our guitar-player and member of MENTAL ABERRATION, will only play into KADATH in the future, because M.A. unfortunately has splitted up a few weeks ago.

06.05.01   New release The fifth song "Thirst for revenge" is completed now. The last song that we are working at for the new CD will be entitled "A Monster revealed". The recordings will take place in the 2. and 3. week of August. With the CD we definitely want to do new shirts.
04.03.01 New release The fifth song for the new CD is in work. Title of this one will be "Thirst for revenge".
01.03.01 New release We are in contact with Andy Classen for the recording of the next CD. We probably will go into the studio in September this year.
18.02.01 New release The fourth title for the new CD is "Stalking the Prey". The song is already finished.
01.01.01 New release We are working on new material by now and 4 new songs already have been decomposed. Titles of the new songs are: "The Devil of Rostov", "False Confession" , "The Investigation".  The new output will be a concept album.
01.08.00 New release Cause of all the problems we have had last year, there are no plans to release any kind of stuff this year. At the moment we are thinking about a 2 or 3-way CD with cool bands we know. But this is only an idea that could be reality in the beginning of next year.
01.08.00 T-shirt Since the release of our full-length "CRUEL", we wanted to do some new shirts, but unfortunately nothing has been done since. We hope we can realize it after this summer.
01.08.00 Line-up Since a few weeks Gezus from MENTAL ABERRATION is playing into KADATH. Unfortunately Mockel will leave the band  before the end of the year.

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