CD "Chasing the Devil"

Metal (USA)

The German brutal death ensemble Kadath started their intense symphony back in 1992. Ten years later, their release of their second studio album “Chasing The Devil” show they can rip shit up even though they don’t have masses of material. Their resonance is similar to Skinless with a little Dying Fetus to create a sounds like a locomotive chugging from hell. The songs are full of energy and it makes you want to break shit. Thirty-three minutes of gut-wrenching death metal on seven formidable tracks will loosen your bowels. “The Devil of Rostov”is the best song in my opinion, and “The Investigation” and “Stalking The Prey”are close behind. I would like to see this band come out with another album soon, the brutality and intensity keep you engrossed. There are also four multimedia live videos on the CD for your computer, so you can check out what the band is like live.

Rating: 80

Quick Blast Weekly 3/31/03

Kadath have captured a good amount of the death metal spirit with "Chasing the Devil," and managed to blend oft-used Suffocation, Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower influences into a sound of their own. The end result is something like a more violent and out of control Sadistic Intent; mostly mid-paced very dark death metal with faster and slower sections. A concept album, it details the life and times of one Andrej Romanowitsch Chikatilo, otherwise known as the "Rostov Ripper" or the "Devil of Rostov." The lyrics are pretty grisly, cold and literal, detailing the bespectacled killer's violent sexual murders in vivid detail, for example: "Lure, stab, disfigure, violate. Insatiable thirst for revenge. Thirst for revenge. Thirst for revenge. One year after his last murder. An eighteen-year old mentally retarded. Shortly after, she lay dead, mutilated. Thirty-eight stab wounds in the body... Decapitate, saw off her legs, cut out her juvenile uterus, slice off part of the face" - from "Thirst for Revenge"... However the lyrics are almost poetic at times, examining Chikatilo's life closely to provide more lyrical variety than your average death/black/gore metal band. At times lyricist Marc almost gets inside the head of the killer in a disturbing way. From "The Devil of Rostov": "Black winter overcoat on his back dark sinister pores in the neck oblong face, longish nose sagacious glance so close... feel his sensual, soft lips see this romantic idealist meet the freak on his trips flee the instinctive artist three academic grades skin under the blades voluntary police-assistant insatiable kids-assailant push the girl on the ground now begins the bloody count unbutton the red coat on the river of death the blood stillness and submissive obedience pull down the white pants grant him your absolute obeisance sink in a deathwishing trance unable to get an erection hates to touch female genitals..." Unfortunately, most of these lyrics are rendered indecipherable by vocalist Holger. His voice is cool and well suited to the material (he begins "Stalking the Prey" with some gruff almost chantlike rhythms), but I wish he would enunciate a little more, it's hard to follow the lyrics even reading along. Kadath have been around for almost ten years now and it's too bad they're not more widely distributed. These guys are in control of their craft. They're not exactly breaking out of the confines of death metal, but that's exactly what they're trying not to do. This album didn't blow me away upon first listen, and it doesn't blow me away now, but I keep coming back to it for well played dark death metal with an underground edge. -Aaron J. Klamer

Rottrevore Zine (Indonesia)

Brand new release from one of German's most feared colony called Kadath, continues to rage in bonecrushing blast beating and thriller stuff. This 7 chapters package in good booklet layout cd and great sound productions. Lyrics based on true story of Andrej Romanowitsch Chikatilo, a psycho killer that dies in 1994 because torture, murderer and cannibalism cases. Musically...Kadath exactly for US style fans, but a great things is their added with their own element and the end of result is I heard unique style of brutal death. A distort bass and thick sound guitars make me want to collect all of their releases. Good stuff to provoke the evil in all of us. (10/10)

Masterful Magazine (Poland)

Prywatnie bardzo lubie, gdy intensywnie death metalowa mlócka na wysokim poziomie, przemawia do mnie nie od pierwszego wejrzenia w nia, i gdy sklania do jeszcze czestszej konfrontacji i pozostaje we mnie na bardzo dlugo. Niemieckiemu Kadath to sie udalo, i udaje sie oczywiscie caly czas, a ich "Chasing The Devil" chlosta milutko dupsko do czerwonosci. Heh, nie jestem wsciekly z tego powodu, bowiem nie od dzis wiadomo, ze muzyka wymaga przeciez pewnego poswiecenia - nawet, kiedy wchodzi tak szybko i cieplo jak pierd w nowe kalesony. Absolutnie brutalny, do granic wrecz przesycony walcowatymi patentami, mocarnymi garami i ciezkimi - niczym przygniecenie przez spory kawalek betonu gitarami. Basik takze milo tutaj laskocze po uszach, jednak chwilami gdzies ginie pod ta cala masa, potem nagle zjawia sie jak duch i maszynka mieli bez przeszkód do przodu! Mieli tak pysznie, ze niewykluczone, iz dotkliwe zaburzenia organu sluchu moga dac sie w rozpoznanie po kolejnej bojówce z "Chasing The Devil". Moze nie minusem, ale na pewno tez nie blogim plusem jest wokal. Co prawda, Holger ladnie swe gardelko eksploatuje i wykrzywia otwór na cztery strony swiata slicznie, lecz ten jego wokal jest troszke za bardzo na drugim planie. Szkoda to wielka, bo czlowiek ten jak wspomnialem, ma zdolnosci do wykrzykiwania z siebie kolejnych apeli, jakie to Kadath obral sobie za cel, a raczej za koncept na tej plycie (ale o tym zaraz, zaraz oczywiscie....). Jednak zeby wszystko bylo tak elegancko poukladane jak w puzzlach hehe, przydalby sie z wieksza czestotliwoscia, po prostu bulgoczacy rzygowinami glos, jak przykladowo Severe Torture na jedynce zastosowal, czy tez bardziej zmienny jak powiedzmy w Dying Fetus. Ale to moja skromna dygresja. Poza solidnym, brutal death metalem, którego moge sluchac i jeszcze raz sluchac - przy obiedzie, czy przy goleniu, heh, bo wysmienity do tanca i rózanca (upss:)), to wlasnie koncepcja liryczna "Chasing The Devil" jest nie codziennie poruszanym tematem, i na pewno intrygujacym w analizie...a rozpoczynajac temat od zródla, niektórym moze zrobic sie niewygodnie, slabo i przykro, bo wydarzylo sie to kurwa naprawde... Tak okladka, wnetrze - tytuly, liryki, wszystko po prostu - to koncept opisujacy postac Chikatilo, znanego bardziej w swiecie i historii jako 'Rostov Ripper' i 'Devil Of Rostov'. Te ksywy cos sugeruja...Ów Chikatilo w powojennych, komunistycznych czasach torturowal, mordowal i przeprowadzal kanibalistyczne eksperymenty na ludziach w swoim lokalu w Rostov, a takze i w innych zakamarkach niebezpiecznej jak zawsze Rosji. W efekcie jego chorych upodoban, zycie stracilo 11 chlopców i 42 dziewczynki. Nie ma juz najmniejszego sensu czegokolwiek wiecej dodawac, ta liczba swiadczy o tym i potwierdza to, do czego czlowiek jest w stanie sie posunac...A Kadath, jako jedyna chyba death metalowa ekipa poruszyli ten totalnie przygnebiajacy temat. Nikomu nie powinno sie zle zyczyc i ponoc o zmarlych trzeba wypowiadac sie dobrze, ale jednak nie o wszystkich! Dobrze, ze sprawca tych zbrodni nie chodzi juz po tym swiecie...zreszta, dzisiaj jest dziewiata rocznica jego smierci (kula w leb slodko w walentynki)....Taka moja refleksja, od której nie mozna sie powstrzymac sluchajac "Chasing The Devil"...w dodatku, plyte podsumowuje chlodne outro, którego kazda sekunda kreuje przed oczyma ten zbrodniczy obraz...

ocena: Tomash...8

Silent Scream Webzine (Italia)

The second CD of German Kadath is just a receptacle of pure madness. Artwork and concept are completely dedicated to Sir. Andrej Chikatilo, practically that individual that for over twenty years ('78-'92) fooled the whole Russia killing about fifty people (essentially women) and practicing acts of torture and cannibalism: to this maniac they also dedicate a whole page of the booklet, with photos and biography. After such an introduction it's probable Kadath won't seem the most harmless persons in this world, but as musicians they are truly clever and in this second release they show it fully: the seven tracks this "Chasing the Devil" is made of are all of evident death metal matrix, in debt to the masters of the style (expecially of american coast) and with some brutal grind edge. The four guys, together since 1992, show a truly likeable technical rate and the fact to have played beside people of the same caliber as Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh, Vader and Harmony Dies, can only confirm their professionality. Both examining the starting "The Investigation" or any other composition the impression we have is truly positive, even if sometimes they use others's patterns in an evident way, like in "False Confession", with less personality but truly effective anyway. The CD, rather homogeneous in its walking, is roughly thirty minutes long and truly nice and personal songs like "The Devil of Rostov" can only charm the listener. "Chasing the Devil" enjoys, among the other things, two very interesting sides: for a start the production at the Gerhart Studios of Siegburg that covers the seven compositions of pure uncontaminated violence; then, a truly juicy fruit, the CD is also made of a truly rich multimedia section in which we can find four videos recorded in Berlin. An extremely valid band and a bunch of excellent death metal songs: approach such a band fearlessly.

Maurizio Gabelli (7/10)

Sounds of Death

Writing songs about the exploits of serial killers has been around for a while, with bands such as Acid Bath delving into the genre whereas groups such as Church of Misery seem almost obsessed with these twisted fuckers. Now, Germany's Kadath has dedicated its latest effort, Chasing the Devil, to Russian serial killer Andrej Romanowitch Chikatilo, who murdered approximately 53 young girls and boys from 1982 to 1992, the year of his capture. This asswipe was executed (gunshot to the head) two years later.

Musically, Kadath plays old-school Death Metal, which consists of locomotive percussion, sizzling guitars, and vocals only Cookie Monster could love. There is very little new here, but the riffs are good and the battery is solid. Lyrically, Chasing the Devil explores the fucked up life and death of the "Devil of Rostov." The material is well researched (I read a book about Chikatilo years ago) and is presented with clinical precision. Although some of the lyrics read flat, vocalist Holger handles them with skill, infusing the words with menace. Chasing the Devil is a multimedia CD that comes with four videos and some other goodies. Sick fuckers interested in seria killers will find this disc both educational and inspirational. (OR)

9 Skulls

Babylon Magazine (Italia)

Storia travagliata quella dei tedeschi Kadath. Nati nel '92 con il monicker Catalepsy, con cui hanno inciso un solo demo, cambiano nome nel '93, per incidere un altro demo, seguito, nel corso degli anni, da un MCD, un paio di split e nel '99 dal debutto vero e proprio, ossia "Cruel". Arrivati all'anno 2002, dopo aver passato una serie di problemi personali in seno alla band che hanno portato alla sostituzione di alcuni membri, i nostri quattro ragazzi teutonici tornano sulle scene con questo "Chasing The Devil", un disco decisamente crudo ed "in your face". Il genere è un brutal death abbastanza classico, che non aggiunge nulla a quanto proposto dalle band americane più famose in questo genere. Il loro lavoro lo fanno egregiamente, ma alla fin fine tutto suona come già sentito parecchie volte, e questo non può che restringere il campo di interesse verso questi tedeschi ai soli amanti del brutal death metal. Peccato, perché le potenzialità per sviluppare un discorso più personale ci sono tutte ma, almeno per questo secondo disco, credo che non tutte le cartucce siano state sparate a dovere. Il cd contiene anche una traccia multimediale che contiene, oltre alla biografia della band e ad una fotogallery, quattro video (ossia "Reign Of Inner Pain", "Glorifying Destructive Sexuality", "A Fateful Vision Of Our Ruin" e "The Investigation") registrati dal vivo a Berlino nel Marzo 2001. La qualità degli stessi non è eccelsa, ma fa ben capire le potenzialità che questo combo ha dal vivo. Per patiti del genere.

Ultima nota: sul retro del booklet è presente una "scheda biografica" con tanto di foto di un grande serial killer del passato, ossia Andrej Romanowisch Chikatilo, conosciuto anche come "The Devil Of Rostov". Perché? Semplice: se ho capito bene i testi (lo so, sono un po' tardo, portate pazienza) tutto il disco è una specie di concept su questo pazzo killer... A buon intenditor...

Voto: 6 (Riccardo Maffiodo)

Spawn Rebirth Zine (Tchek Rep.)

Je az prekvapivé, jak mnoho kapel si nedokáze najít pro své vecerníckové melodie nic lepšího na pískání, nez pár veršíku o tom, jak nekdo nekoho zabil a co všechno pritom delal. Nutno sice priznat, ze z východonemeckých deathmetalových kapel patrí Kadath mezi ty lepší a nejzkušenejší, avšak ani oni nemají se svou novou deskou na práci nic jiného, nez ve všech šesti ctverylkách krákorat o tom, kdo byl a co všechno stihl za svuj nepekný zivot napáchat známý rostovský obcan pan Andrej Cikatilo. Je zrejme zbytecné se nejak rozepisovat o donedávna nejvetším sériovém vrahovi. Vhodnejší bude tady neco navykládat o tom, jak se Kadath onech šest dílu zpívánek povedlo. Nu što – od desky Cruel je to preci jenom o kousek dál. Uz to není takový ten grind-metal, jak si dríve Kadath nadávali. Ale zas tak velký posun to taky není. Své vyvedl príchod kytaristy Gesuse z Mental Aberration – to riffování je preci jenom trošku víc brutal. Deska se tvárí být i hodne deathgrindove nabušená, casto ovšem mezi klepackami vylézají na povrch tradicní old school „uca uca“ rytmy i riffy, coz Kadath srází o trídu dolu. Holgerovo chrochtání a skrehotání se nezmenilo, a tak se o zivotní ceste Mr. Andreje dozvídáme skrze místy neobratne odštekané a spíše z nemciny prelozené nez porádne anglicky napsané povídacky o tom, jak se Andrej narodil, kdo všechno ho hledal poté, co zacal vrazdit, koho všechno zabil, jak to udelal, jak sestavovali jeho portrét, co všechno našli u nej doma, kdyzho chytli, a tak dále… mezitím obcas narazíte na veselý neohrabaný veršík typu „seeking for peace of mind sweet white bones to grind…“ Inu – proste deska o sériovém vrahovi, nabušená i odchrchlaná s východonemeckým nadšením, navíc s pomerne nudným ctyrpísnovým videem z roku 2001 jako bonusem. Není to úplne zlé, ale ze by to byla nejaká bomba, to taky ne. Proste nicím výjimecná, ale docela slušná zálezitost. Pro fanoušky Macabre-image ovšem nejspíš povinnost…

Šotouš : 4,75 / 7

Rock Hard / Oktober 2002

Brutal wie Hölle kämpfen sich KADATH durch sechs Old-School-Death-Metal-Kracher, mit denen sie sicherlich keine Chance haben, irgendeinen Originalitätspreis zu gewinnen, die aber an und für sich jedem Fan derber Florida-Sounds der frühen Neunziger gut reinlaufen müssten. Manchmal ("The Devil of Rostov") klebt der Vierer ein bisschen arg eng an den altbekannten Vorbildern. Ansonsten schafft man es aber, ein durchgängig gutklassiges, in Sachen Brutalität, Sound und tightem Zusammenspiel kaum Wünsche offen lassendes Stück Todesblei abzuliefern, zu dem man gepflegt und - dank einiger eingeflochtener Slow-Passagen - auch ohne allzu großes Verletzungsrisiko die Halswirbel rotieren lassen kann. (Mach uns doch bitte mal vor, wie das gehen soll, ohne in der gerichtsmedizinischen Abteilung zu landen ...-Red.) Textlich geht es auf "Chasing the Devil" mal wieder um das altbekannte Thema Serienkiller. (Seufz, gähn, schnarch...-Red.) Hier wird in sechs Kapiteln das Leben von Andrej Chikatilo ausgebreitet, der über einen Zeitraum von mehr als zehn Jahren sein blutiges Unwesen in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion trieb.

Als Bonus enthält der Silberling noch zwei Videotracks mit insgesamt vier bei einem Gig in Berlin mitgeschnittenen Songs, was immerhin knapp 19 Minuten zusätzliche Spielzeit bedeutet.

Andreas Stappert ;7/10

Violent Solution Webzine (France)

Le groupe allemand KADATH a été formé durant l'été 1992 sous le nom de CATALEPSY. Il n'enregistra sous ce nom qu'une cassette-rehearsal. En octobre 1993, le groupe revint sous son nouveau patronyme: KADATH, il mît immédiatement en boîte une première démo "Face your death" suivie d"une deuxième en 1995. Les années suivantes sont marquées par la sortie d'un MCD et de deux split 7". En 1999, le groupe sort enfin son premier album "Cruel". Suivent deux années de galères emaillées de problèmes de line-up. Des problèmes réglés par l'arrivée de Gezus le guitariste de MENTAL ABERRATION. En 2001, le groupe signe chez Cudgel Agency et nous livre "Chasing the devil", un second album court mais intense. En 7 morceaux et moins de 31 minutes, KADATH nous offre un concept album sur Andrej Romanowitsch Chikatilo plus connu sous le nom de l'éventreur de Rostov, responsable de meurtres, torture et cannibalisme et a qui l'on attribue pas moins de 53 meurtres (dont 42 filles...)et dont l'histoire est racontée dans le film "Citizen X" . Inutile de dire que pour illustrer un tel concept on est musicalement assez éloigné de SUP. Non c'est plutôt du coté de CANNIBAL CORPSE, DERANGED ou DEEDS OF FLESH qu'il faut chercher pour trouver des ressemblances avec la musique de ce groupe d'outre-rhin. La production est très bonne et met bien en valeur les blastbeats, les riffs acérés et les "vokills" de Holger. KADATH arrive à faire des morceaux de death/grind de 5 ou 6 minutes sans que l'on s'ennuie au bout de 3 minutes, ce qui est déjà un joli tour de force. Selon l'expression consacrée nous dirons donc: les amateurs y trouveront leur compte. L'édition limitée de ce CD nous vient avec des versions lives de 4 titres du groupe pour pas loin de 20 minutes de vidéos.

Posté par : Sheb | Note : 15/20

Bakal Zine/Prod. (Philippines)

Another Grinding Death Metal from Germany, but this one is more brutal, heavy and has something different to offer - musically and lyrically wise. Unlike most of the other bands in this genre this brutal warriors deals with a conceptual lyrics base upon the life of notorious murderer, Andrej Romanowitsch Chikatilo (A.k.a “Rostov Ripper”/”Devil of Rostov”). Their lyrics are a great one to read, as it exactly tells the murderers biography, victims, his ways, and how his life been ended. I must say this is a tribute to the said ripper and this guys for sure holds a great knowledge on the ripper’s life. Musically, they executed simple riffs yet very catchy.. The powerful formula: stops and attack works pretty much impressive. Pumping drumbeats is monstrous. They also know when to execute slow wicked moments when the lyrics are in the downfall. And in aggressive lyrics expect some notorious brutal attacks from this band. The semi-melodic sounding riff balances the aggression. I must say that their music must be labeled as Brutal Death Metal and not as I mentioned above. It comes with four video clips, a brutal show in deed. Try this one.


Kadath's 2nd full-length album "Chasing the Devil" is somekind of theme-album concerning with the subject around brutal killer named Andrej Chikatilo A.K.A "Rostov Ripper". From the beginning to the end the music is very convincing raw and brutal death metal. I am quite satisfied with the album's sounds since they offer very brutal feeling all the time. The fact is that Kadath doesn't offer anything new to death metal.... Just fucking cold and brutal death metal all in all. Besides brutal and fast riffs there are also a few melodic parts, which reminds me very much Avulsed in some way. The promo-copy which I got includes 4 videotracks also, and aforementioned tracks are only available on limited editions. The videos are livetracks recorded at Berlin and they are "Reign of Inner Pain", "Glorifying Destructive Sexuality", "A Fateful Vision of Our Pain" and "The Investigation". There's no complaints about the sounds on the videos, but the picture is low-resolution, and on the first song Gesuz goes "what happened?", when his all guitarsounds are faded to the back, but it happens only in the ending of first song, so it's not a big deal at all. The liveshow seems to be nice, and there's a lot of headbanging in crowd too. I think the multimedia isn't so bad at all and these videos are very acceptable.

Reviewed by Ork


This is the second work of that German band, after several splits, demos and a mcd. Here they show their "admiration" to mass killers and their bloody acts. And specially they "love" to one of the bloodiest and well known European killer Chikatilo, also called as the Devil of Rostov. He tortured, killed and even ate more than 50 people in Russia, and finally was shot in jail. This cd is basically a conceptual work around that brutal killer in 7 brutal and extreme Death/Grind songs. The band take parts from the European scene and from the American one in a completely extreme way, with a devastating sound because of a clear and clean production (that wasn't seen in their previous works). Kadath has a music based on an unending attack of blast beats, a deeply gutural voice. In fact, it is not an original music, but it is direct and plenty of instensity. All that together with a high instrumental quality in all the aspects. It is the right sound track for the crimes, mutilations and tortures of the horror "master" Devil or Butcher of Rostov. Moreover, we find 4 videos of the band in live, also photos and so on.

Necromance Zine (Spain) (DAVID DENIZ)


Segundo larga duración de esta veterana banda de Death Metal y primero en el que cuentan con dos guitarras, por lo que el sonido de la banda ha ganado en consistencia y mucha más brutalidad. La producción es bastante buena y todo suena muy cristalino; el sonido de estos locos alemanes me recuerda mogollón a las bandas de Brutal death americanas, con mogollón de cambios de ritmo y momentos de velocidad vertiginosa, además el bateras es un aunténtico huracán; pero no os penséis que todo es velocidad, ya que también meten ciertas partes a medio tiempo que suenan realmente aplastantes,... un álbum que recomiendo muchísimo, porque no os aburrirá en absoulto y además terminaréis destrozados con tanta brutalidad sonora...

Ancient Spirit

Ich dachte eigentlich, dass sich die deutschen Death-Grinder von KADATH schon aufgelöst hätten, schließlich ist das letzte Lebenszeichen (das Full-Length-Debüt "Cruel!") auch schon wieder drei Jahre alt, was in den meisten Fällen nichts Gutes bedeutet. Aber aufgrund diverser Problemchen lag die Band 1999 bis 2000 sozusagen auf Eis, und erst letztes Jahr begann man damit, sich mit neuen Songs zu beschäftigen. So ist "Chasing the Devil" also das zweite vollständige Album, auch wenn man aufgrund der kurzen Spielzeit von 30 Minuten eher auf 'ne Mini tippen könnte. Vier ordentliche Live-Videos (mit guter Soundqualität) entschädigen dafür allerdings teilweise, vor allem, wenn man die Jungs schon mal on Stage gesehen hat und deren Live-Power kennt. Was die sechs neuen Studio-Songs angeht (der letzte Track ist nur ein Outro), hat sich im direkten Vergleich zu "Cruel!" zum Glück nicht allzu viel geändert, d. h. KADATH sind fast noch genauso extrem wie früher und prügeln ihren gnadenlosen Death-Grind mit einer Intensität und Brutalität herunter, wie es nur wenige Bands schaffen. Fast durchgehend hohe Geschwindigkeit, messerscharfe Riffs und die ultratiefen Vocals von "Sänger" Holger sind dabei die wesentlichsten Zutaten, die dem KADATH'schen Cocktail seinen Geschmack verleihen. Ich muss allerdings zugeben, dass mich ein in gewissen Momenten fast schon melodischer Song wie "The Investigation" schon etwas überrascht hat, muss aber erstaunt feststellen, dass sich diese AMON AMARTH-mässige Melodie ganz gut in den Sound des Quartetts integriert. Ansonsten regiert jedoch der Knüppel, auch wenn natürlich der eine oder andere Mid-Tempo-Part zur Auflockerung nicht fehlen darf und dadurch die Wucht der Songs nur verstärkt. Textlich hat sich die Band übrigens auf ein Konzeptalbum über den ukrainischen Serienkiller Andrej Romanowitsch Chikatilo eingelassen, der zwischen 1978 und 1990 mindestens 53 Menschen ermordet und teilweise auch verspeist hat. Die nüchtern verfassten Texte lesen sich dabei fast wie ein dokumentarisches Buch und sind daher auch ohne die Musik interessant. So bleibt mir zum Schluss nur noch, für "Chasing the Devil" eine dicke Kaufempfehlung auszusprechen - kein Death-Grind-Fan wird enttäuscht sein!

Joe, 9 Punkte

Metalstorm Webzine

Dass Death Metal und Massenmörder oftmals eine unheilige Allianz bilden, ist ja hinreichend bekannt. Ähnlich wie MACABRE, die aus der ganzen Geschichte fast schon eine Wissenschaft machen, schlagen auch KADATH mit ihrem neuen Album in diese Kerbe und widmen ihre komplette Scheibe einem Serienkiller: "Chasing The Devil" handelt vom Unwesen des russischen Mörders Andrei Chikatilo, der mindestens 52 Opfer auf dem Gewissen hat und 1994 hingerichtet wurde. So weit, so gut. Passend zu diesem Konzept wird also ein Death Metal Menü gereicht, das sich die Aufschrift "brutal & gnadenlos" redlich verdient. Im Stile von Ami Bands wie CANNIBAL CORPSE oder SUFFOCATION wird gehackt und gemetzgert, dass die Fetzen fliegen. Dabei sind die sechs Songs, was Tempo und Aufbau angeht, recht abwechslungsreich: vom groovigen Mid-tempo bis zu schnellen Blasts ist alles dabei - allerdings wirken die Tempowechsel manchmal etwas konstruiert. Sehr gut gefallen mir die gelungenen und effektiven Melodien, die zum Beispiel den Song "The Devil Of Rostov" auszeichnen. Da merkt man dann, dass die Jungs nun mittlerweile zehn Jahre Musik machen. Der Gesang ist angemessen und bietet solides Tollwut-Geröchel; nichts außergewöhnliches, passt aber gut zu den Songs. Etwas unüblich ist die Länge der Songs, die deutlich über dem üblichen 3-Minuten Niveau liegen. Ist aber so in Ordnung, denn langweilig sind die Songs durch das variable Spiel sicher nicht. Um den Value-for-money Faktor zu steigern, sind noch einige Live Video Clips auf der CD. Noch etwas: ich finde es ja schön, dass die Band-Bio in Html-Form mit auf der CD liegt, aber dann sollten wenigstens die Links für die Bilder etc. korrekt sein - wirkt so etwas dilletantisch. Ändert aber nichts am positiven Eindruck, den "Chasing The Devil" hinterlässt.

(mc - 24.07.2002) 75 von 100 Punkten

Still Online Mag (Belgium)

Kadath is a band that exists already several years and now they present their 3th album. Not that much is changed in their music. It is still brutal deathmetal with some grind touches. The production is done very well and the one who knows the band knows what he can expect. The band is still in evolution, the main goal of brutal death is still the same but there are some changes. The band starts with a brutal wall of deathmetal with a lot of grind influences, especially the vocals are pure growlings. After a few songs the band plays more melodic parts but without losing their power and brutality. On a moment the band added some blackmetal touches in their music, even as some typical US style deathmetal feelings. With all these influences the band created some typical Kadath music. The songs are very variated, played from ultra slow till fast, from grinding death till melodic deathmetal. The band deserve it to checked out but don't make a opinion on listening to one song. The band ends up with a very dark and atmospheric soundscape that normally would be used by blackmetal bands. This album includes also a multimedia part with some live videos, pictures, ....

Ablaze Magazine #40 Juli/August 2002

Andrej Tschikatilo, der berühmt-berüchtigte "Rostov-Ripper", ist zweifelsohne einer der markantesten, grauenerregendsten Massenmörder, dessen perverse Phantasien auch nicht vor kannibalischsten Akten Halt machte. Ganz im Zeichen der Amis von MACABRE wenden sich nun auch KADATH ein ganzes Album lang einem Menschen, einer Bestie, der Psyche eines solchen Serientäters zu. Dabei geht man allerdings weit vorsichtiger und rücksichtsvoller mit dieser Thematik um, soll heißen, dass vor bitterbösem Sarkasmus und schwärzestem Humor etwas zurückgeschreckt wird. Die Texte von ""Chasing The Devil"" kommen eben ernsthafter rüber, was angesichts der Thematik durchaus zu vertreten ist. Doch ist die lyrische Herangehensweise nicht der einzige Unterschied zu jener unvergleichlichen Gruppe, musikalisch trennen sich dann nämlich eindeutig die Wege: brutal-extremer Knüppel-Death der Sorte DEEDS OF FLESH, BROKEN HOPE oder CANNIBAL CORPSE sind zentrales Element der sechs Songs (das letzte Stück ‚Epilogue: Coup de Grace' ist lediglich ein mit Synthesizern untermalter Ausklang der Scheibe), wobei mir KADATH jedoch immer dann am besten gefallen, wenn die Brachialität ihrer Kompositionen auf die ein oder andere geile Melodie treffen - Paradebeispiel ist mit Sicherheit ‚The Devil of Rostov', welches mein persönlicher Lieblingstrack des Albums ist. Die Band hätte gut daran getan, mehr solcher markanter Zeichen zu setzen, denn leider weiß auch dieses Quartett die Metalwelt nicht zu revolutionieren. Doch ist dies mit Sicherheit auch nicht das ultimative Ziel für KADATH - Vergleiche zu bekannteren Gruppen sind demnach für die Jungs wahrscheinlich kein Problem. Fans der Band sollten sich indes sputen, finden sich doch auf der Limited-Edition dieser Scheibe noch zusätzliche vier CD-ROM-Videotracks, welche im Berliner K17 aufgenommen wurden, qualitätsmäßig zwar nicht gerade der Überhammer sind, aber nichtsdestotrotz einen zusätzlichen Kaufanreiz darstellen könnten. (cwa)

Cadaver Zine

To be frank, I did not know the band formerly. To my surprise "Chasing the Devil" is a sophomore full-length output of theirs. Initially I assumed KADATH was an another sort of average German death metal band. You know, upright handicraft and nothing but. Fortunately and contrarily to the most of their native bands, KADATH overtake us by splendid brutal death metal with a bit of grind inclinations. As I said I didn't hear their debut album entitled "Cruel!" as well as mini CD "Twisted Tales of Gruesome Fates" and two earlier demos - "Face Your Death", "Into the Eternal Depths of Sorrow and Desolation". Even if it is my fault that I'm not familiar with the previous materials I can candidly recommend you "Chasing the Devil" as the record is surely something you should take an interest in. In KADATH biography there's been written -"a bit in vein of Kataklysm", and you know what, it is an appropriate resemblance as far as the German band's approach to metal goes. And of course I'd like to underlinge"Chasing the Devil" is not a churlish copy of the Canadians' trilogy and so forth. Besides, as I presume a lyrical concept of the album, based upon a true story of Ukrainian mass-murderer and cannibal - Andrej Romanowitsch Chikatilo (alias Rostov Ripper/Devil of Rostov, 53 disclosed victims: 11 boys and 42 girls) appears to me as an interesting topic to dwell on a bit profounder. Unfortunately I got the album form Norman of Cudgel on this year's Fuck The Commerce and at that time info sheets weren't available yet. But let's get back to the music. Production of "Chasing the Devil" is superb - fat and fleshy, guitars work as aforementioned character of the album - rapidly and mercilessly, vocal resembles resounds of mad bull piercing his matador preys by razor-sharp horns and eventually drums that seem to beat our heads up according to rhythm of murderous possession. Moreover I like that KADATH kind of playing cat-and-mouse with us, for "Chasing the Devil" is not solely straight brutal, but a small amount of melody is included as well. All in all, KADATH does not kill, but the wounds they left might make us moribund.

Bart Donarski

Haunted Records Webzine

Lange hat es gedauert (3 - 4 Jahre ?!), aber jetzt sind Kadath endlich wieder mit einer neuen Scheibe am Start. Und ich muss sagen: das Warten hat sich gelohnt! Die Jungs haben ihren typischen Stil ordentlich verfeinert, ohne ihn jedoch völlig umzukrempeln. So gibt es neben den gewohnten Ballerparts dieses Mal auch ein paar schön groovende Momente (z.B. gleich am Anfang des ersten Songs "The Investigation") zu hören. Selbst um Melodien hat man keinen Bogen gemacht ("The Devil Of Rostov"). Und all diese verschiedenen Elemente vereinigen sich zu einem schön brutalen Gesamtbild. Aber im Gegensatz zu den früheren Veröffentlichungen erscheinen die neuen Songs irgendwie kompakter und besser strukturiert und ausgearbeitet. Mit dem netten "Gesang" von Holger wurde auch ein weiteres Markenzeichnen der Band erhalten (checkt mal den Anfang von "Stalking Of The Prey" - kann nur ein Kadath-Song sein). Bei der Produktion ist man dieses Mal nicht auf Nummer sicher gegangen und hat erneut bei Mr. Classen im Stage One aufgenomnen, sondern hat sich für die Aufnahmen in den Gernhart Records Studios eingenistet. Absolut kein Fehler, denn die Produktion ist trotz ihrer Rohheit ziemlich druckvoll ausgefallen und passt sehr gut zum Kadath-Stil - klingt ungefähr wie die letzten beiden Alben der schwedischen Kollegen von Deranged. Was mir allerdings etwas negativ bei dieser Scheibe auffällt ist die Tatsache, dass die Jungs nur 6 neue Stücke (+ Outro) präsentieren. Da hätte noch ein bisschen mehr bei rumkommen können, da die Songs auch nicht übermässig lang sind. Naja, hoffen wir, dass die nächste Scheibe etwas schneller am Start ist. Bis dahin muss man halt öfter mal die Repeat-Taste betätigen , um auf die richtige Kadath-Dröhnung zu kommen. Well done!!!

12/15 Jan

Red Stream INC

Ultra heavy yet clean brutal death with tons of harmonics, double bass, distorted bass, blast beats and sick guttural vocals. Comparable to heavy death/grind like Deranged, Insision, etc. Great production and cool art make this something you should check out right away!

Behind the Veil Webzine (Reviewed by Christine Juli 2002)

Brutal Death metal reaching grind in some parts. Very brutal, extreme vocals. Sickness, Atrocity! Atrocity that is obvious in their music but also in their lyrics. A gore, repulsive extreme serial killer is what attracted their interest. A serial killer's life is the whole concept of this release. Gore stories following the way paved by CANNIBAL CORPSE. Their sound is close to VADER, CANNIBAL CORPSE and DEICIDE. I found their work original. Lyrics that grab and bind you. Listen to them! That's all I can say. Only one thing for the end... The concept story is based on real facts. On a real character. On his life...


Vampire Magazine (Reviewed by Maarten on 02/07/2002)

KADATH (founded in 1992 under the name CATALEPSY) are a German death/grind outfit who finally assault the world again after their 1999 album 'Cruel'. Their latest output 'Chasing the Devil' is a concept album around a serial killer from Russia who made at least 53 victims. The 'Devil' from the CD title is Andrej Chikatilo, also known as the 'Rostov Ripper' or the 'Devil of Rostov'. I wasn't exactly full of great expectations when I put this CD in my player for the first time, because, really, I don't like most grinding death metal. Actually, I think most of those bands singing about dead foetuses and bloody phlegm should just quit it instead of pasting riffs together and roaring their guts out. The thing has been done over and over and OVER again.

But then again, I adore death metal which is artfully constructed, which does not mindlessly offer a jumble of riffs and grunts and screams and blastbeats. KADATH are prime death/grind material. Tight as hell, with a crisp and clear production (near digital perfection) and great, audible bass, this band plays death metal akin to, say, fellow countrymen OBSCENITY (more brutal however and songs packed with blastbeats, mid-tempo crunches and all in between). Sometimes employing a loose melodic riff, sometimes by sequences of blastbeat separated by (groovy!) breaks, always wildly rushed on by the trademark unintelligible and -brutal- vocals (grunt/shriek) the music rages on, firmly rooted within the conventions of the genre but energetically executed.

What sets this band slightly apart from most fellow undertakers is the average song length: a KADATH song isn't a short burst of violent energy but a torturous 5 or 6 minute-assault. Because of this, the CD needs to sink in because there are so many ideas contained in one composition. An impressive job nonetheless and an excellent soundtrack to the lyrical material. Anyone with a penchant for brutality will probably love it...

As an extra, this CD contains video footage (the quality is quite allright) of 4 KADATH songs performed in Berlin, 2001.

Possessed Magazine:

So,so, bei Cudgel sind sie jetzt gelandet, die ollen Haudegen, wer hätte das gedacht, hehe. Das sogenannte Flagschiff des brutalen Death/Grinds bringt nun nach den 2 Demos: "Face your Death ( 1994 ) " und " Into the eternal depths of sorrow and desolation ( 1995 )", der MCD: " Twisted Tales of gruesome Tales 1997 )", der beiden Splits mit Immured ( 1997 ) und Evoked ( 1997 ) und der CD: "Cruel ( 1999 )" nun ihr zweites langersehntes Album heraus. Aus bandinternen Gründen, so nehme ich mal an, hat es so lange gedauert. Kurz und gut. Besen drückte mir die Promo auf dem Fuck in die Hand. Danach schaute ich sie mir live an und war relativ enttäuscht, muß ich sagen, ich habe mir mehr darunter vorgstellt. Das lag aber überwiegend an dem schllechten Sound, den die Jungs um Kumpel Gesuz hatten. Da ich schon in Wermelskirchen live gesehen habe, wußte ich, daß sie es besser können. Mit gemischten Gefühlen also die Cd in den Schlitz und ab geht die Luzie. Positiv überrascht, kann ich nur sagen. 6 Ballerknaller, voller Brutalität und Gewalt. Gut klingende Gitarrenwände und absolut brutale Vocals. Nur die Schlagzeugarbeit gefällt mir nicht ganz so prall, denn irgendwie hätte da mehr Geschwindigkeit rein gepaßt, was natürlich nur meine subjektive Meining ist, aber um der geht es hier ja. Die Stücke im allgemeinen sind gut arrangiert und man hört, daß die Jungs ihr Handwerk verstehen und nicht erst seit Christis Geburt dabei sind. Für alle, die auf brutalen Death Metal stehen, empfehlenswert, da auch die Produktion absolut knallt. Live war der alte Gitarrist wieder dabei.Sind wir mal gespannt, was da auf uns zukommt. Anspieltip: "Thirst for revenge".

Dark Wave News Letter 126 (June 2002)

KADATH : Chasing The Devil (Cudgel Agency, 30'57', 7 tracks, brutal deathmetal) : If you are searching for one of the most brutal bands from Europe, buy this CD ! Kadath is a legendary band from Germany and it is a pleasure to see they got a good deal with the German Cudgel Agency. 3 years after their debut CD, the band proposes a good come back with this new hyper brutal deathmetal album ! Between Cannibal Corpse, Deeds Of Flesh and Deranged, the 7 compositions are really more powerful than the previous compositions and with a better sound. To resume, it is a good brutal death-metal album, for those who like Cannibal Corpse / Deranged and don't forget, Kadath is one of the cult bands from the European underground, so, with this album, the success will be here ! (8,5/10)

Voices From The Darkside (Reviewed by Hacker)

This is fucking intense. Hell-yeah, it is. "Chasing The Devil" hits you with the power of a ten-ton hammer. KADATH finally managed to put out their second full-length and it's really a strong one with a great production. This CD sounds absolutely clear and brutal like hell. But that's only one among many positive aspects of this album. The next is the amazing cover artwork (done by Torsten Gebhardt who is totally unknown to me) and the design / layout of this CD, booklet and backcover. Then we have a truly brilliant lyrical concept about one of the most fiendish serial killers ever: The "Red Devil" Andrej Chikatilo who killed more than fifty victims in the former Soviet Union. Sure that's not the most original stuff but this is quite different compared to MACABRE's "Dahmer" concept. KADATH delivers a way more serious, informative and in depth story. "Chasing The Devil" is more like a true crime book than a gore movie. If you wanna find out more about the "Devil Of Rostov" Andreij Chikatilo you have to check out the brilliant movie "Citizen X". You'll also find many related links on the bands own homepage: Okay enough said about production, design and lyrics. Let's talk about the most important thing of an album: the music. "Chasing The Devil" is for sure KADATH's most matured and varied album. I really enjoyed the "Cruel" album. But hey, the new album is much better and another step forward. Every single song on "Chasing The Devil" demonstrates unrelenting brutality in its purest form. Although KADATH is a raw and brutish band (especially Holger's vocals sound rough and hateful) they always compose wide-ranging songs with many different parts and some nice melodies. This is the first recording with Gesuz (Ex-MENTAL ABERRATION) on guitar and of course he sets his marks with his awesome riffing. But he did not change the KADATH sound very much. Maybe they sound more US styled compared to the older stuff. But it's still the unique KADATH style we know from the "Cruel" album. After the recordings former guitar player Mockel joined the band again and KADATH is now ready to strike back with two guitars. This CD comes in a limited edition with four CD ROM video tracks. Nothing more to add, only this: BUY NOW!!!

Rock Metal Webzine (Markus Ganzherrlich - 25/05/02)

Based on an interesting and detailed concept about Andrei Chikatilo's story, Rostov's butcher, here is the coming back for the German brutal death metal Kadath, which also sees a change in the line-up, quite important because Gesuz (ex-Mental Aberration) is the new and still only guitarist; this fact has given the band further stimuli after a pause of about 3 years since their previous CD "Cruel" was released.

Their music is quite intricated, brutal, dark, and the vocals (growls, screams and boarish cries) were intentionally low mixed within a surprisingly all-clear recording, yet not crystal clear.

The 6 songs + outro - rather personal - could be set for convenience in what I'd call German brutal death metal, something less dynamic than the Swedish one, more arranged and less predictable than the US one. Only one thing is certain: it's played well and half riffs aren't chunky, though constantly intense and bringers of headbangings galore.

I liked the funny idea of writing a fuck off list supplied with complete names and it was also good to add a CD-Rom section with a lot of Kadath's pictures, a bio, and above all 4 videoclips recorded live at the K17 Club in Berlin on 2/3/01, among which the track that's become the opener for "Chasing the Devil", that's to say "The Investigation". Unluckily the sound is not of the best, but at least it's clear enough.

The only thing that I could recommend these 4 guys is to work on the songs more, so as to better the arrangements and make them just a little more various; however, the level these German assailants have achieved with this 3rd digital recording is undoubtely quite high, and that's why they were offered to play again at 2002's Fuck the Commerce Festival, after already taking part in the first edition of '97, so I can't but state Kadath are worth the money that must be spent.

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